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2014  Conducted Global Result Diffusion Reinforce Project (EEN-KOREA) KIAT
2014  Conducted Technology Fee Due Diligence for Global Technology Trade EQUIL-IP
2014  Organized Market Exploitation Team for European Renewable Energy Area KEMCO
2013  Introduced Global R&D Partners for Technology Commercialization Innopolis
2013  Organized Investment Roadshows for EU environment industry KEITI
2013  Organized Investment Roadshows @ SIEE Pollutec (water technology trade show), France KIAT
2013  Established program for international technology bargaining Sejong R&D
2013  Organized Brokerage Events @ Aeedc(dental trade fair), Dubai Honam IRPE
2013  Organized Brokerage Events @ Hi-Japan (int'l health ingredients conference), Japan Honam IRPE
2013  Conuslting service for commercializtion of technical marketing NRFK
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